Anastasia Ivanova in “Transitory” by Nicolas Guerin for Schön! Magazine #26
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Casual as usual/ San Francisco #2 (by Kasia Gorol)

Heathers (1988)

Anna Martynova for S/Style & Fashion by Benjamin Kanarek

Phyllorhiza punctata.  Should I have focused a little closer?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, the colors.
This is a good day to be a bank robber. The Doctor (via doctorwho)

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Doctor Who: Exclusive Time Heist poster revealed

Radio Times designer Stuart Manning knocks it out of the park again with his poster for tomorrow’s episode of Doctor Who. This week, Time Heist’s crime caper-inspired plot gave Stuart a few ideas for how it should look.
"Slinky Miss Delphox was the starting point for this one. Keeley Hawes’ publicity pic had such a great silhouette that I immediately wanted to include it. I did a poster for Mad Men a couple of years back, using a similar treatment on Joan, and the idea stuck in my head. The other influence was the heist movie inspiration of the episode itself, which got me thinking about things like Ocean’s 11 and the Rat Pack. In my head, this a sorta special Saul Bass-style title sequence for the episode, playing alongside a Henry Mancini sax-and-harpsichord arrangement of the Doctor Who theme." [x]